Walk Down the Memory Lane: Championship Rings to Relive The Heat’s Championship Run

Published December 4, 2018

In the event of great happiness, some people collect simple items that will help them remember the day; in this case, the winning of your favorite team. If you are a hardcore fan of the Miami Heat, you most likely watched every game and monitored each round. The blood, sweat, and tears that were shed by the team you are supporting all throughout the season are just like your own. The support that you have rendered is just like you being a player in the team. Just like any fan, it is most likely normal to collect collectibles to commemorate the success and the efforts that were given.


One of the most sought out collectibles is for Miami Heat fans is the replica championship rings. It will not only serve as an addition to your collections but it will also represent the special event. For a Miami Heat fan, having a championship ring is a great way to relive the Heat’s championship run.

This said ring is presented to every team member and coach of the winning team to as a winner’s prize; it shows the success of every individual players of the team. Each ring has its own story. Only the winning team will have the opportunity to collect them.

The 2006 Miami Heat Championship ring represents the team winning against Dallas Mavericks. They won the title is six games which made them the third team to win the championships with 0-2 in the series. In this series, Dwayne Wade was given the title as the MVP or Most Valuable Player. This series became the most memorable one since 1971. It was the first time since the year 1971 that the Finals has featured two (2) teams that were playing for the first time in the NBA Finals.

The 2012 Miami Heat Championship ring also tells its own story. During this series, it is the second consecutive appearance of the team. In this series, the Miami Heat defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder with 4 games to 1 and was declared as the champions. This time, LeBron James was given the title as the MVP. This was the first NBA Finals for 14 seasons that the Finals were not held in its usual state which is California and Texas.

The 2013 Miami Heat Championship ring signifies the team’s success for this season. This season marks the team’s consecutive winning. Miami Heat became the sixth team to win the championship in consecutive series. This season, the team won against San Antonio Spurs. This season will also be marked in the history as the record breaking for the Spur’s winning streak; The San Antonio Spurs has won all their previous appearance.

For an avid fan like you, one way to remember the historical events for your bias team will be collecting items as a remembrance of the said event. Collecting replica championship rings will make you remember each game and every winning. Relive those emotions you had during the game and bring stories with you in honor of the team.

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