Top Ten Jobs that Needs Reliable Earmuffs, Probably You Do Too

Published March 24, 2019

Noise, according to the dictionary, is a loud and unsettling sound. However, every individual has different tolerance to noise – while others are tolerant of loud sound, there are individuals who are too sensitive even to light noise.


According to science, sound above 85 dB (decibel) is already harmful; however, the effects may depend on how long you were exposed to the sound and if you were wearing hearing gear, such as the earmuffs.

Here are a few sounds that are considered noisy and can be harmful to human ears, where the normal decibels may range from 40 dB to 85 dB.

•    Subway (90-95 dB)
•    ATV, motorcycle, and boombox (96-100 dB)
•    Party music at a club or at a school dance (101-105 dB)
•    Leaf blower, chainsaw, and snowmobile (106-115 dB)
•    Concert (120-129 dB)
•    Race car sports events (130 dB)
•    Siren and gunshot (140 dB)

The frequent you are hearing loud noises, the more you are at risk of having hearing loss.

How will you know if the noise is screaming warning?

Simple, here are the top signs that the noise is almost dangerous:

  • It is hard to make a conversation above the noise
    •    The sound from the noise negatively affects your ears; including tinnitus (ringing in the ear).
    •    After being exposed to loud sound, other sounds become mumbled or hardly recognizable.

Does your job make you experience the same way too?

Here are a few jobs that often require ear protection; and probably you too:

  • People who are working at the airport are often exposed to 140 dB; mainly, these are the employees that handle baggage, the fuelers, the mechanics, and others that are always at the runway.
  • People that are working with heavy types of machinery are exposed to 105 to 120 dB, such as those that work at big factories with big machines.
  • People who are working at the shooting range; if you have noticed, most people who are into practice shooting usually wears earmuffs – every gunshot sound is equivalent to 140 dB (however, that depends how exposed you are to the sound).
  • The drummers – According to the experts, the sound of the drum would range from 100 to 120 dB, which is a very loud sound. If you have noticed, most of the drummers wear earmuffs during rehearsals and concert; this is to protect themselves from the damages caused by being always exposed to the sound of drums.

There are more jobs that are exposed to loud sounds and that need proper ear protection. If you think you are one of these individuals that need the right ear gear, you need to start looking at the best option that is available in the market today. At , you will find an outstanding earmuff that will keep your hearing healthy.

Ear protection does a great job in protecting your hearing while you are doing your job. So, do you need the right ear protection? Yes; you deserve it.

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