Tips in Wearing Your Sweatpants

Published January 13, 2018



Sweatpants are everybody’s favorite. It can be nice getting yourself comfortable sometimes after days of squeezing yourself to trousers, tailored suits, pantyhose, skinny jeans, polished shoes and some professional ensembles. Initially, sweatpants are meant to be worn for sports. However, their lose styles and comfortable fabric made them casual staples these days too. What makes them distinct is their elastic band on the part that touches your ankles. Though their materials effectively trap the heat to make your body feel warm, they are cool to wear too, preventing athletes from feeling too hot. If you want to make the most of your sweatpants, read how to choose the right sweatpants so everything will be correct right from the start.

In previous years, fashion pants took over the fashion industry, replacing sweatpants in popularity. Their only difference though is the elastic band found at the ankle part. Only sweatpants have this feature, something that you don’t find in any of today’s fashion pants. Fashion pants, however, are innovated, bearing the same comfort with that of sweatpants. Some are even sold with matching jackets or hoodie to complement the look of the pants. Such pair is termed as the “tracksuit”. Fashion pants are now available with jackets with various colors to choose from.

Below are some tips for you if you intend to use sweatpants as your casual apparel:

  1. If you are at a game or in the gym, don’t forget to wear sweatpants.

If you don’t want to look a bit out of place during your workout or in any of your games, make sure that you have some sweatpants to use when you hit these places. Even if you are watching your favorite game, you can wear sweatpants like athletes do. You can even have the same color of your favorite team or even have their logo printed on your pants.

  1. Size

Sweatpants may have a loose style but this does not give you a ticket to wear a very baggy pair of sweatpants, especially if it appears four sizes bigger than your actual size. Don’t be lured into wearing very tight sweatpants as well since this will surely show all your bumps and lumps, even those that you have tried to hide from everyone’s size since they are obvious evidence of you being fat.

  1. Choose the right place to wear it.

If you are working in a very formal environment like in the office, never even try to wear sweatpants at work since it looks inappropriate, regardless if it looks neat or not. In fact, even a fashionable tracksuit won’t fit a formal environment. You can always leave one in your closet and wait for someone to wear it, perhaps in your management department before sporting the same style at work.

  1. Don’t wear sweatpants when running errands unless it is a tracksuit.

Too baggy sweatpants will never look good on you, even when worn to run errands. If you want to stay fashionable, use a flattering tailored tracksuit instead that is made from a nice velour fabric.

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