Tips in Choosing the Right Wallet for You

Published January 6, 2018


Men usually do not put much effort in choosing a wallet. Although they use it all the time, they underestimate its importance and usefulness. They do not realize that they put almost all their life in their wallets – money, credit and/or debit cards, business cards, receipts, membership cards, IDs and even important phone numbers. The perfect wallet would be able to hold everything you consider important and more. In order for you to find the right wallet that would suit you, check out these tips.




The design of the wallet tells everything. From your fashion sense to how you organize your things. If you are very particular about your fashion, you should choose one that would go well with all your suits or casual clothes. This way, you won’t need to change wallets every time you change your clothes. You can go through this review of men’s slim wallets to see different designs. Choosing the design would also depend on your job profile or status. You might not want to be seen carrying a wallet with a funky design if you work in a corporate company. But, that kind of wallet would be fine if you are an artist or you belong to the creative industry.




Size does matter, even in wallets. If you put almost everything in your wallet, you might want to choose one that would hold all the stuff you put in. However, the bigger the size, the more difficult and impossible it would be to fit it in your jeans pocket or the pockets of your jacket. You might find the need to carry a bag just so you could put your wallet in it.




Some wallets have more compartments, slots or divisions than others. These compartments can be specifically designed to hold various cards. Some compartments even have zippers or buttons on them to hold coins. If you have a lot of plastic money you might want to get a wallet that has a lot of card slots in it so you could conveniently separate your cards from each other. Credit cards can easily be damaged when you add them to other things.




Wallets have to be folded in order for them to fit in your pockets. Some wallets are bi-fold while others can be folded into three. Your choice would depend on your comfort. Both kinds of wallets can have different slots and can also have pockets for coins or keys. Tri-fold wallets tend to look thicker, but they would be a bit smaller in width than that of bi-fold ones.




Many men choose leather wallets over any other material because of its durability. Since you usually put your wallet in the back pocket of your jeans and you usually would sit on it, you would need a wallet made of lasting material. There are also some wallets made of hard plastic or aluminum. These are perfect for those who move a lot as the wallet would not easily fold or bend.

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