Tips for Ensuring You Get the Safest Gift for Your Child

Published October 26, 2018

Imagine how happy you get when someone offers you a gift, say a pair of shoes that you once stared at when window shopping with your friend but you couldn’t buy because of the tag attached to it. In the same way, that is how children get excited when you buy them new toys. And just as some shoes can be beautiful and fashionable they can be the course for your cons and bunions and sore feet. Some toys too, are not safe for the baby. For this reason, you have to ensure that you buy your child a toy that will ensure both excitement and safety. Read this post: to find the best and safest toy for your baby girl. The following tips will help you buy the safest toy for your child.


The toys should be age appropriate

Most children toys have age recommendations so you need to give this very keen interest. You should ensure that you buy a toy that matches the age of your child. When your child is still under 3 years then you must ensure that you buy them toys that have parts that are bigger than her mouth to prevent them from choking. to ensure that a toy will not choke your child, try fitting it in a toilet roll  so that when you see that all the parts or one part fir in the cylinder, then that toy is not safe for your child. Children toys should also be lightweight so that when they fall they don’t harm your child.

Be keen on the chemicals included in the toys

From looking, touching, testing and weighing the baby toys like explained above you can conclude that a certain toy is safe for your child. shock on you when you finally realize that the same toy contains harmful chemicals that were used when making it. Plasticizers are used in many plastic toys to make the plastic flexible and durable. Cadmium, mercury, arsenic and lead are other chemicals that pose a great risk to your child’s health. Just like you scrutinize the labels on manufactured food; also scrutinize the chemicals used to make children toys and keep off any that pose risk.

Discard the toy packaging

Some children will fall for the packaging of the toy rather than the toy itself. Mostly, these boxes have tapes, pins and materials that have very small pieces that will easily harm the child. Remove such objects before you give the baby the package or do away with the whole packaging.

Check the parts included in the toy

Remove the toy from the package and look for any buttons, yarn, batteries, ribbons, beads, eyes and any other parts that can be easy to swallow by the child. Check how the edges are since sharp points and edges can be harmful to children. Some stuffed animals have wires that can cut your child or even shock him when they are exposed. Toys that have been used by older siblings can be frayed making them unsuitable for younger children.

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