Tips for Choosing the Right Fishing Line

Published December 7, 2018

If you are relatively new to fishing as sport or relaxation mode, then it is probably a novelty to hear that the offer for types of fishing lines was not as diverse ten years ago as it is today. This market simply exploded in the last few years and the only explanation is the increased interest for this field. With so many products newly introduced on the market, it is easy to understand why beginners have such a hard time choosing a fishing line. If you find yourself in a difficult position, please continue reading this article and you’ll find some very useful and efficient tips for choosing the right type of fishing line. Here are some of the most important details that you should know.

  • The main types of fishing line are monofilament, fluorocarbon and braid.
  • The monofilament fishing line is the oldest type available on the market, a quite stretchy type which won’t pose any problems when it comes to tying knots. Of course that this fishing line has its advantages, as well as its disadvantages but we strongly recommend it to anglers who are keen on developing their craft.
  • The fluorocarbon fishing line looks very similar to the monofilament fishing line to the untrained eye. However, they are different from each other in numerous ways. For example, the fluorocarbon fishing line is denser than the monofilament line, it stretches less and as a result of this, it is more resistant to abrasion. Another way in which the two types of fishing line differ is the sinking speed: the fluorocarbon line sinks faster than the monofilament one.
  • Braided lines- If you are looking for the fishing line with the most sensitivity, then the braided line should be your choice. What is impressive is that in spite of its sensitivity, the braided line is also the toughest one. The braided line is basically formed of a bound group of fibers; these fibers are all highly resistant to breaking and their stretch is close to zero. What people who have tried braided fishing lines noticed is that this type of fishing line increased the sensitivity that anglers feel when fishing; of course that this means increased efficiency action and more fish in the boat.

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