Things to Look for in a Garment Steamer

Published February 23, 2018


While there are still people who are adamant in using their flat irons and the rather primitive steam pressing slabs, more are convinced of the convenience and effectiveness of garment steamers. Unlike flat irons, garment steamers remove wrinkles by relaxing the fabric instead of forcing them flat. Not only that, but flat irons require a flat surface for it to work its magic while steamers can be used on a garment even if it’s just hanging from a clothesline. Understandably, people who are introduced to the advantages of steamer will immediately want to go to their nearest store or check their favorite online shopping store to get one. However, there are a few important things to take note of before proceeding with choosing a brand as well as checking the item out.


  1. Fast heat-up time.


Needless to say that nobody in their right mind will want to stare at a garment steamer or even a flat iron for a couple of minutes while waiting for it to get to the right heat as indicated on the setting. It’s apparent that in the world of gadgets and electronics, people will feel that they are trapped in limbo if they are made to wait that long for something to be used for their chore, though it must be said that steaming clothes doesn’t feel like a chore to a lot of people. It’s rather therapeutic to see wrinkles magically going away. Nevertheless, get a garment steamer that takes less than a minute to get to the right temperature.


  1. Heat settings


On that note, getting a garment steamer that has more than one heat setting is an absolute must. Buying one with just a single setting is downright ridiculous and impractical. Different fabrics require different steam temperatures. It’d be a shame if delicate (expensive) fabrics are defaced just because of using a one-size-fits-all steamer temperature. Looking at it deeper, buyers are encouraged to buy ones that has settings meant for different fabrics instead of plain numbers. The numbers won’t mean anything to users at all. Not unless they had to check the item’s website to correlate the numbered settings to its ideal fabrics. For starters, you’ll want to check out the Russell Hobb RGS1800 to get a better idea.


  1. Safety features


There are plenty of flat iron horror stories in existence. From the burnt hole through an expensive business suit to the surface of an ironing board set on fire. However, garment steamers aren’t without its own sets of worrying bad experiences, though most of those experiences are from using sub-standard steamers in the first place. Brands and models that don’t have important features such as automatic shut-off, for example, had it coming. People make mistakes – sadly, this mistake can be costly such as forgetting to turn off the garment steamer. The good news is that there are models that has auto shut off feature if the water tank has run out. This ensures that the device doesn’t heat up dry. There are also rather trivial safety features such as grip design which all add up to a safe and pleasurable de-wrinkling experience.

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