The Best Tube Amp for Under $500

Published August 8, 2018

In the music industry, talent and skill are what sets everyone differently. A good musician is not defined by the quantity and price of the music gear and equipment. It is what he does with what he has that makes him good and distinguished from the rest. While expensive and high-end musical equipment do not make a good musician, it does not mean that having the right equipment does not improve the craft and skill of the musician; having the right equipment can greatly enhance the overall musical experience and performance. Those who are playing instruments for quite some time has understood that great sound relies heavily on the quality of the instruments, especially the amplifiers.

With that being said, it is important to have an amplifier that can be relied on for quality sound and effects. There are many amplifiers out there in the market and some can be very expensive. For beginners and experienced players looking for a good amplifier to invest on, then the Marshall MG101CFX might just be the right choice. This is one of the best tube amplifiers for under $500  and is definitely worth the price given its features.


The Marshall MG101CFX has a dimension of 23 inches x 20.78 inches x 11.1 inches. The outer design is made from carbon that is known to be very durable. The carbon fiber design also makes for a stylish look and feel that compliments the whole amplifier.


The Marshall MG101CFX has a weight of about 20 kilograms, which is pretty standard given its size. Some people might find it heavy, but the weight is just right for it to be easily carried around. Its compact size and weight makes it great for small events, gigs, or practice.

Marshall MG101CFX Specifications

Output: The Marshall MG101CFX has an output (RMS) of 100w.

Speaker: It has a 1×12’’ speaker that is great for practices, small gigs and events.

Channels: the amplifier has storable channels which are Clean, Crunch, OD1 and OD2

Digital Effects: Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Vibe, Octave

Delays: Multi, Reverse, Tape, Hi-Fi

Reverb: Spring, Studio

Two-way channel foot switch

Line in for audio jack, media players, and emulated headphones


The Marshall MG101CFX comes with amazing features. The 100w amplifier, with its powerful 1×12’’ speaker makes it great for small events and gigs, as well as for silent jams and practices inside the home. The Marshall MG101CFX’s four channels offer flexibility when trying out different genres of music. The amplifier’s digital effects greatly enhance the music. Players can take it to the next level and experiment more with the sound with the amplifier’s digital delay. Together with its four channels and digital effects, musicians can create their own play style.


When it comes to performance, the Marshall MG101CFX exceeds the expectations of the users, considering its price. It comes with many different effects that users can choose to experiment with. When it comes to sound quality, the Marshall MG101CFX is simply the best in giving clear tones.

The Name

Marshall is a popular name in the amplifier industry. When it comes to high quality tube amps and sound, Marshall MG101CFX is one of the best tube amps.

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