The Best 5 Hair Trimmers for a Professional Cut or Trim -2

Published February 2, 2019

Keeping hair neat and trimmed is important for most men. So, buying something that will properly do a thorough job is something that takes time and effort in order to find the right trimmer. However, this short review of 5 best hair trimmers can help cut some time.

Miserwe Professional Hair Clipper Set

Treat your hair and beard with a clean and close trim with the Miserwe Professional trimmer. It comes with a kit and inside of which comes with a beard, sideburn, mustache, ear, nose& hair trimmer.

 There are also two types of blades both washable, and the kit altogether is cordless making it easy to transport.

The battery life lasts a while and the trimmer operates at a high speed, making your morning routine faster and more efficient. It’s also water proof making it shower friendly.

The Surker Cordless Trimmer

Never worry again about not knowing when your trimmers are dying with the Surker Cordless. With a built-in LED light indicator, the Surker alerts you when it’s time to charge. This can benefit you greatly as there is nothing worse than a trimmer cutting off halfway through the job, leaving it unfinished. The light is located on the handle which allows you to get a visible view of the indicator.

The Surker is also cordless and comes with guards, and a cleaning brush designed specifically to thoroughly brush away tiny hairs from tough to reach spaces.

The kit also comes with 4 guards, all different sizes and a comb.

Wahl Peanut Clipper

Wahl is a classic brand known for their innovative and technologically advanced clippers and trimmers. The Peanut Clipper is yet another trimmer from the Wahl brand that spells out innovation and convenience at it’s finest. The compact trimmer which can fit in your palm is loaded with the qualities and features of a regular sized trimmer.

A 7-foot cord is attached which gives you the ability to take it across the room or a long distance. It can be used as clippers or trimmers and included with it is 4 guides, a red guard blade, oil, instructions and a cleaning brush.

ELEHOT Hair Clipper

The Elehot hair clippers are not only efficient and dependable, but also very nice to look at. It’s sleek and stylish design lets you get a close cut while maintaining comfort. You have the option to use it as a corded or cordless clipper as you please and provides 45-60 minutes of use after an hour of charging.

The Elehot comes with 5 attachments including a shaving head(electric), side burn trimmer, nose and ear trimmer. All attachments are easily washable, and the kit also comes with a 2-year warranty.

Remington HC5855 Virtually Indestructible Haircut & Beard Trimmer

It’s probably safe to say that on some level, every man could use a pair of these trimmer. This is because they were designed for wear and tear or, clunks and bangs.

These trimmers embody the definition of heavy duty and are sure to last you quite some time. With a magnet motor, these trimmers perform two times faster than most trimmers. There is also an 8 -foot cord attached, and a high performing sharp blade designed to chop through the thickest of hair.

The trimmers come in a kit of 15 pieces which includes 9 guard combs, oil, a comb, brush, a carrying case and more.

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