Taking care of my health through ingenious methods

Published May 27, 2016

IMG_0572My health and wellness is of great concern to me. I love being in top notch condition at all times. I like being in a position where I can manage all kinds of activities with my body. This is a passion that I developed as a young girl growing up in Singapore. In our City, we have a good number of the elderly people living amongst all the other people in the urban populations. As a young girl I would study them with a keen interest and sympathize with the difficulties they experienced in moving around and doing basic things. I decided I would do all that I could to keep myself from getting to that point for as long as it was possible.

Therefore, as a very young girl I enrolled for a martial arts class. The major reason behind my signing up for the class, which was being taught in our school, was because it was a commonly known that martial arts pros were known to live for many years while still maintaining great health and physical abilities. Another reason was because I admired the athleticism that martial arts practitioners had. I was fascinated by their flexible bodies and the acrobatic moves they were able to accomplish with ease. Finally I wanted to be able to have self-defense skills. As I said, my wellness is a great concern for me.

The martial arts training that I pursued up to higher levels even after college not only focused on the fine tuning of the body through physical exercises but it also emphasized on proper feeding. I had to be very careful about the kinds of food that I ate. I could not just put anything into my mouth. This was a tough thing to adhere to since my home was close to some of the best eateries in my town that were famed for mouthwatering buffets. Walking down the streets I would have a tough time fighting off the temptation to grab a bite of the aromatic foods that were in tantalizing display.

I knew that to keep healthy I had to keep off all kinds foods that had excessive and bad calories. Therefore chocolates and other pastries that were a favorite for many of my friends were off my list of things I could eat.

This healthy diet and consistent training sessions kept my body trim. I also burnt any extra calories by ensuring that I never used the lift to get to my sixth floor apartment. It was a lovely room that I had come across miraculously. It is often very hard to rent a room in Singapore with no agent fee, but I had managed to get my lovely well located room with no agents being involved. The flat was well built and the stairways were spacious and well built. Since most people used the lifts, the stairway was often deserted. I would go up the steps as fast as I could and would sometimes run up to see how far up I could run without getting exhausted. This was my way of testing my endurance.

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