Some Things You Should Know about Industrial Sewing Machines

Published March 31, 2019

If your means of livelihood is sewing, then you’ll do well to upgrade your equipment every so often or at least add a new one to what you already have. For instance, if your main expertise is dressmaking, and then maybe it’s time to venture into other stuff like upholstery, tents, fashion pieces, sails, and many others. What’s the difference, you may ask.


Well, unlike your traditional sewing machine, you will need something sturdier to make market-quality goods out of heavy or thick fabrics like the ones used for the above-mentioned items. Since those items require the use of thick fabrics, you will need to use an industrial sewing machine to get the job done. Why?

Well, industrial sewing machines are not only highly powerful but also durable. These machines are high-performance and are specifically equipped to mass produce products like the ones mentioned above. These are not only a bit larger than ordinary sewing machines but are also faster; thus, you can get more sewing done in less time.

Of course, industrial sewing machines are more expensive than regular ones. That is to be expected considering the type of work these get done. Imagine a high-powered industrial sewing machine with stitch speed ranging from 2500 to 5000 per minute. These come equipped with every accessory you may need to achieve perfectly even stitch all the time. These also come with needles, bobbins, and everything else so you can sew thick fabrics and otherwise.

You’ll discover that you have lots of top industrial upholstery sewing machine options when you do a meticulous search online. What’s great about searching online for the best industrial sewing machines is you’ll get to read what people who have the same model you’re eyeing have to say about it. They give unbiased reviews of the advantages and disadvantage of this brand or that; thus, you can decide better when it’s time for you to purchase your own. After all, you don’t want your investment to go to waste.

You can purchase the sewing machine online, although for your peace of mind, you’ll do well to go to an actual store so you can examine the machine better. If you can, bring an expert with you so he can help check the unit. He’ll be able to tell you whether the machine you have set your eyes on is highly optimal for the materials or fabrics you will be working with. Moreover, he can tell you if you’ve chosen right as far as functionality goes.

Determine each of the different parts of the machine as against your needs. Basically, a larger motor will help you sew faster. On the other hand, there are machines that can automatically adjust the tension of the thread, which will be beneficial if you want to avoid thread tension when you’re sewing multiple layers.

Finally, make sure the brand you’ll buy has a service facility near you, or at least they have a hotline number you can call when you need to have the industrial sewing machine serviced or for its regular maintenance.

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