Smart Vacation: Top Things to Bring to Have a Perfect Beach Day

Published September 7, 2018

Are you and your family all fired up for another beach day trip?

If you want to give your family the perfect beach day, here are the top things you should bring to the beach for a short vacation.


1. Food and drinks

One of the essential things that you need to bring on your short beach vacation is food. You have to pack a large cooler that is full of food, either snacks or lunch, and drinks to keep each member well-hydrated under the heat of the sun. Do not forget to pack up extra jugs of water because beach activities can make you and your family thirsty; especially when the sun is at its peak.

2. Sunscreen

Do not forget to bring sunscreen; the heat you’d feel at the beach is not similar to the ones at home. If you want to protect yours and your children’s delicate skin, make sure to bring sunscreen at all cost. Also, do not forget to bring protective gears such as hats and other protective clothing for your children.

3. Beach chairs and umbrella

If you wanted your entire family gets comfortable under the sun and the warm breeze at the shore, make sure to bring beach chairs and umbrella. Although you can prepare a picnic or beach blanket, it is more comfortable to use beach chairs and tables.

4. Change of clothes

Having fun at the beach means your clothes will get all sandy and wet. If you do not want to clean up all the sands inside your car or dry up all the seats, you have to bring some changing clothes. Also, if you do not want to catch a cold, either you or any of your family members, you have to bring extra clean clothes.

5. Extra blanket

It is always a good idea to bring extra beach blankets that are large enough for anyone to sit down; through this, you do not need to worry about washing off all the sand on beach towels you have brought. Since you’ve got something that the family can sit on the sand, the beach towels will be used for their purpose – to dry you off from beach waters.

6. First-aid kit

Anything can happen even if you are just having fun at the beach; although it is rare, there are some cases that some jellyfish would swim ashore and away from its group. In case of a jellyfish sting, you have to act fast in removing the sting to avoid anaphylactic shock. Experts recommend using vinegar to rinse the affected area but do not rub it because it could cause irritation. Then, use tweezers to remove any tentacles that have gone stuck on the skin.

In other words, you have to be prepared when it comes to accidents at the beach by bringing the first-aid kit.

Final Thoughts

There are several other tips and advice that you can use to have a perfect day at the beach. You may start reading reliable reviews from a reliable site the Beaches & Coral; they have everything for your perfect beach getaway.

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