Rowing vs. Spinning

Published November 24, 2014

Rowing vs. Spinning

Sometimes it seems like there are too many fitness options and none of them is the correct one to do. Running is bad for your joints, ellipticals aren’t intense enough, so on and so forth. There always have been and always will be fitness fads. In the 80’s, the aerobics classes came on the scene heavy and hard. Sweatbands and leg warmers, anyone? In the 20s housework was seen as a form of fitness for women. The list goes on and on.

As of late, spinning has seen a re-emergence as a way to get fit. Big companies are franchising locations all over North America. They are so sought after, that people wait by their computers for the registration times to pop-up in order to secure their classes for the week.

Is spinning really that amazing, though? It depends on your body. Apparently, if you are prone to thicker thighs, spinning will only make them thicker since it is a shorter burst activity. It will burn calories and fat, but could still bulk you up.

There is definitely a place for spinning in the fitness world, but maybe not as big of a chunk should be carved out exclusively for it. Spinning isn’t for everyone and not everyone should think it is! If it is for you, read no further. If you have lingering questions as to whether or not you’re getting the best workout for your needs, continue on.

There is a new kid on the block of fitness. The rowing machine is making a come back in a big way. People are quickly realizing the benefits of owning one and they are becoming more and more popular. It’s been shown that rowing can burn two to three times the amount of calories as spinning!

Starting to think of converting, too? It’s not hard. In-home rowing machines come in all different varieties. There’s something to suit everyone’s needs. Before buying, consider comparing different rowing machinesto see which will suit you best. There are machines that fold up to fit in small spaces, ones that the professionals use and middle ground versions, as well.

To find the best rowing machine, consider what it is you need to get out of it. Do you need convenience or functionality or both? Think about the space you have available and your experience level, too.

Rowing is not the end-all-be-all against spinning, but it is definitely an alternative to consider. While spinning may be your cup of tea, it could be harming you in ways you didn’t even realize and not giving you the benefits you’re looking for. If it seems that way it could be time to switch it up.

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