Reviewing The Sunbeam Bread Machine

Published October 22, 2017

reviewing bread maker

Are you searching for the best bread maker in the market? When it comes to buying a bread maker, you want one that’s automatic, which will enable you to make bread with ease. The Sunbeam brand is large and automated, which means that you will enjoy using it. This article reviewing the sunbeam bread machine provides you with features of this bread maker, their benefits, and cons and finally delivers its verdict.


Measures 19 Inches

One reason that makes the sunbeam bread machine a must buy for you is that it’s a big and automatic bread making machine. It measures 19 inches, enabling it to have several fantastic features. It means that if you have a large kitchen, you should consider selecting this device.

Long Lasting

This machine comes with an outer shell, which is of plastic. It’s thick, meaning that it protects your bread machine from damage. The gray menu on the front unit of this device enables you to program its cooking cycle. The display is easy to use and read; while the six colored, buttons ensure that you enjoy using this device. You can flip up the top lid if plan to add ingredients, while the small viewing window enables you to check the progress of the loaf as its baked.

Express Bake Cycle

Another reason that should make you buy this machine is that it has an express bake cycle features, which promises you fresh bread within one hour. Keep in mind that you may have a busy schedule or be running a restaurant. It means that you want a device that will ensure you bake bread fast.

Attractive Menu Is On the Front

The majority of bread makers have their menu displayed on the top. The sunbeam bread machine is different since its menu is on the machine’s front. The LED is easy to read while the buttons pop out of this device and have a nice texture.

12 Cooking Functions

The sunbeam machine consists of 12 cooking functions, 13-hour baking option which is delayed and three shade selections of crust. It offers you two loaf sizes, that’s 1 1/2 and 2 pounds. It’s tall as its wide, meaning that whatever option you chose, what you get is a tall loaf.


• When reviewing the sunbeam bread machine, we found it to be large and automatic, meaning that its features were easy to spot and use.

• The menu is on its front, which means that it’s easy to read.

• The express bake cycle ensures that you can bake your bread within an hour.

• The thick plastic outer shell shields this machine from external damage.

• The LED is easy to read, meaning that you will have an easy time using this device.


• Bread tends to be rough when using the express bake feature.

• This machine is quite large, meaning that you need enough space.


The above sunbeam bread machine review shows that this device offers you several advantageous features. It may take up a lot of space. However, you will enjoy it’s easy to use menu and express bake option.

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