Points to consider before renting a HDB room in Singapore

Published May 27, 2016

HDB roomSingapore is a great city with a huge population. As it is with any big population, there has to be a subsequent huge supply of housing facilities. Luckily in Singapore, the government has built residential houses with substantiated costs to ensure that all the people of Singapore have decent living quarters. The Housing and Development Board (HBD) has many flats across the island where one can decide to live. However there are some things that one has to consider before deciding to settle for any HDB rental in Singapore.

Location: The first most important thing to consider when looking for a house is always the convenience of the location. The location is considered putting several factors into consideration. One of the basic thing that you have to consider is the distance to your work, your spouse’s place of work, your kids’ school, or your own school. Many times this is the prime reason why people move. They have acquired a new job, have joined a new school, their spouses have acquired a job, or they want to move to a place that will make it more convenient to get to any of these places.

Be sure to get a place that will make it cheaper and easier for you to get to work. This could necessitate getting a place that is near the highway or transportation services that will conveniently get you to any of the above places where you might need to go to daily or often.

Budget: The budget is another crucial thing to observe when searching for a HDB rental in Singapore. Rooms for rent in Singapore usually vary greatly in terms of their rental costs. If you want to rent directly from the government it is relatively cheaper but renting from a private individual could be more expensive. The prices may also differ depending on where the rental flat is situated. Rentals situated near convenient amenities such as a highway, transport station, market, and other amenities may have a higher rental fee.

Size of the house: You also need to consider the size of the house. Individual needs of different people differ greatly. Mostly, the size of the house you want to rent will be determined by the number of people who are to live in the house and the items that you have i.e. furniture, electrical equipment, and other space occupying stuff. Some people have a preference of spacious rooms while others can manage in more confined rooms.

Facilities: Once you have considered the above vital factors for renting, you also need to consider the amenities that you need around your new home. Not all the HDB rentals in Singapore have the same amenities. Depending on the time when the flats were built, the HDB rentals usually have different amenities. The flats that were built more recently could have better designs and more modern amenities as compared to flats built earlier.

You need to also consider other amenities that are around the place where you will rent the residence. These are amenities such as the ones mentioned above i.e. transport services, access to major roads, access to hospitals, access to markets etc.

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