Is There A Link Between Pesticides And Autism?

Published September 17th

It is a term that every parent dreads hearing, and is heard far too often in our modern world. Autism is a disorder which affects neural development and usually affects children by the age of three. As yet there is no known cure and research is ongoing; with the increase of cases year by year (there was a 30% increase between 2012 and 2014) finding the cause and possibly a cure is becoming all important. One factor that researchers are considering is the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. In 2009 a study conducted by the University […]

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4 Ways To Make The Most Of A Minimalist Living Space

Published August 15th

Minimalist living does not mean a person has to give up a stylish way of life; in fact it’s just the opposite. Minimalism just means that a person or family is making the most out of less; less furniture, less clutter and in most cases much less stress. It takes a bit of time and imagination and mountains of restraint, especially if you’re the type of person that enjoys picking up knick-knacks from every outing. If you are someone who wants to embrace the minimalist lifestyle, here are a few tips to help you do just that. Clear the clutter […]

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5 Ways You Can Reduce Waste In Your Home

Published July 19th

Reducing waste and eliminating clutter in the home has multiple benefits; not only does the house become cleaner but so does the mind. Research has proven that too much clutter can cause the mind to become over active, focusing on things that do not matter and taking attention away from the things that do matter. For example, if a person is working on three different projects and has all three spread out before them, the mind will be unable to focus on the one project which they are actively working. Instead thoughts will be turning to the other two projects, […]

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A Career For The Love Of Environment and Animals

Published June 23rd

Those entering into the world of working are living in a fortunate time in history, in regards to choices. An individual has the opportunity to engage in a career that can combine making a living with their passion, whatever that may be. Research has shown that those who are allowed to do what they love for a living are much happier and much more successful than those who do what they have to do to get by. There are a growing number of individuals who love animals, which is apparent in the statistics that Americans spent approximately $61 billion dollars […]

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Protecting Animals against Climate Change May Be a Difficult task

Published June 17th

Most people are that climate change can be very bad news for animals. Climate change affects environments which mean that animal’s habitats are altered; this can affect their food supply and natural rhythms. Climate change could cause extinction rates to rise, and there are predictions that a raise in temperature could cause sea levels to rise resulting in less land mass that can directly impact on food supply and homes for animals. Regional flooding is also of concern and dramatic weather changes can spell disaster for many wild animals. There are predictions that changes to the climate could cause extinction of 25% […]

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Could Monsanto’s Roundup Be Linked With Kidney Disease?

Published May 26th

The chemical weed killer Roundup made by Monsanto is found on shelves everywhere and is used to eradicate those pesky weeds. I prefer my father-in-laws method of using a blowtorch on the weeds which is much more entertaining but completely impractical, unless your yard is made of rocks like his. Roundup is made mainly from glyphosate, with other chemicals added. Research has determined it may be the addition of these other chemicals which drives up the toxicity of the product. When the product was first introduced in the 1970’s it was unfortunately killing the crops along with the weeds it […]

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Are “Organic” Label Foods Really Worth The Extra Cost?

Published May 22nd

There is no doubt about the fact that organic food costs more that non-organic foods. It costs more to grow the food organically, so it makes sense that the farmers would pass those additional costs along to the consumers. The question that every family must ask is, are the additional costs worth it? Organic food is shown to provide more of the vitamins and minerals the human body needs to thrive. Research has shown that a food grown with pesticides, and grown in soil that has been depleted of its nutrients by pesticides has lower levels of vitamins and minerals […]

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Is There A Link Between Air Pollution & Rates Of Asthma

Published May 20th

As anyone with asthma already knows, removing the trigger that can cause the attack is essential; but what does an individual do if the trigger is the very air they breathe? Air pollution in the United States has improved over the years with the introduction of the Clean Air Act in 1970. The levels of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, lead, and particles in the air have decreased substantially in the last 40 years. Because of the efforts towards cleaner air Americans now have lower risks for serious health issues and premature death. For Americans that is good […]

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6 All-Natural Remedies Found In Nature You Can Use

Published May 16th

Before there was the corner drugstore with rows and rows of chemical relief, there was the backyard where a person could find many cures for what ailed them. These same natural remedies still exist today, and some can even be found right in a person’s own backyard. Long before we had Pharmacists to advise us about medications, and biomedical engineers to apply engineering principals to healthcare concerns, we had those who were skilled in diagnosing and treating ailments. The ancient Egyptians have the earliest known reference to a physician named Hesy-Ra, who practiced in the 27th century BC. These early […]

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