Are “Organic” Label Foods Really Worth The Extra Cost?

Published May 22nd

There is no doubt about the fact that organic food costs more that non-organic foods. It costs more to grow the food organically, so it makes sense that the farmers would pass those additional costs along to the consumers. The question that every family must ask is, are the additional costs worth it? Organic food is shown to provide more of the vitamins and minerals the human body needs to thrive. Research has shown that a food grown with pesticides, and grown in soil that has been depleted of its nutrients by pesticides has lower levels of vitamins and minerals […]

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Is There A Link Between Air Pollution & Rates Of Asthma

Published May 20th

As anyone with asthma already knows, removing the trigger that can cause the attack is essential; but what does an individual do if the trigger is the very air they breathe? Air pollution in the United States has improved over the years with the introduction of the Clean Air Act in 1970. The levels of sulphur dioxide, nitrogen dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, lead, and particles in the air have decreased substantially in the last 40 years. Because of the efforts towards cleaner air Americans now have lower risks for serious health issues and premature death. For Americans that is good […]

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6 All-Natural Remedies Found In Nature You Can Use

Published May 16th

Before there was the corner drugstore with rows and rows of chemical relief, there was the backyard where a person could find many cures for what ailed them. These same natural remedies still exist today, and some can even be found right in a person’s own backyard. Long before we had Pharmacists to advise us about medications, and biomedical engineers to apply engineering principals to healthcare concerns, we had those who were skilled in diagnosing and treating ailments. The ancient Egyptians have the earliest known reference to a physician named Hesy-Ra, who practiced in the 27th century BC. These early […]

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