Maximizing Outdoor Experience with Instant Water Heater

Published August 20, 2018

Outdoor activities are fun and exciting. But along with the thrill of exploring the outdoors, you could get exhausted and filthy. Muscle pains are one of the most common after effects of outdoor activities particularly extreme ones like mountain climbing or hiking. But of course, how can find a nice warm bath in the midst of nowhere?


A warm bath is a luxury that is impossible to find in camping grounds or in a small cabin. That is why most outdoor enthusiasts prefer to do such activities during summer wherein the temperature is warmer. But remember, camping is not just a one season activity. Camping is an all year round activity that is worth experiencing. That is why you need the best portable water heater.

Thanks to portable water heater you can now enjoy your camping any time of the year. This equipment will surely change your outdoor experience. No more muscle pains and cold showers while camping. Plus, you can have a sufficient supply of water for washing dishes and laundry. Who says getting warm water in the woods is difficult? All you need is a new portable instant water heater.

With the rising popularity of portable water heaters, you will definitely encounter lots of choices, especially on the web. Thus, if you are planning to buy one, expect to take time in scrutinizing each brand. Careless buying will do you no good. And, it will only end in regrettable choices. The best thing to do is handpick one of the best portable water heaters today- the Costway Portable instant water heater.

What is Costway Portable Water Heater?

This portable instant water heater is an awesome way to level up the comfort at your cabin or camp. It offers convenience using never before ergonomic design. With that being said, explore the features of this product below.

  1.    Size and Weight- the Costway portable water heater set has an overall dimension of 12.6inches x 10 inches x 11.4 inches. The shower pipe measures 63.8 inches and 107.5 inches. Moreover, this item only weighs 17.3 pounds which makes it easy to transport and carry.
  2.    Aesthetics-This portable water heater is designed to handle outdoor conditions. With this, you can install the water heater without worrying about damages and breakage.
  3.    Easy to Install- This item offers maximum convenience. It is quite easy to control and install. Also, dismantling the whole set is as simple as assembling it.
  4.    Sufficient Water Supply-Regardless of weather and season, this water heater can provide you a sufficient supply of hot water. For this reason, Costway makes an ideal portable water heater for fishing, hunting, and camping.
  5.    Safety Features-This product features several safety features. This item has an automatic heater shut-off. It immediately shuts down when the water temperature exceeds 167 degrees Fahrenheit which is dangerous for human skin. It also has anti-off balance protection that shuts off the gas supply automatically if there is disequilibrium between the gas and heater.

Say no more to uncomfortable camping!

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