Is There A Link Between Pesticides And Autism?

Published September 17, 2014

Pesticides And AutismIt is a term that every parent dreads hearing, and is heard far too often in our modern world. Autism is a disorder which affects neural development and usually affects children by the age of three. As yet there is no known cure and research is ongoing; with the increase of cases year by year (there was a 30% increase between 2012 and 2014) finding the cause and possibly a cure is becoming all important.

One factor that researchers are considering is the chemicals we are exposed to on a daily basis. In 2009 a study conducted by the University of California at Davis found a correlation between rising autism rates and being exposed to the chemicals found in pesticides and common household cleaners. Another recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Chicago has tied exposure to chemicals with the increase in genital deformations and autism in boys; in general boys are found to have autism four times more than girls.

Researchers are now beginning to focus on the possibility that chemicals may be playing a larger role in autism than previously thought. Prior research has been focused on the genetics, assuming that some genes had been crossed which were not compatible; this new set of studies is pointing scientists in a new direction. It should not come as much of a surprise to anyone that using chemicals such as air fresheners, disinfectants, bleach, and various cleansers on a daily basis is eventually going to be harmful to the body; unfortunately ongoing exposure to these chemicals is affecting our offspring even more than it affects us.

Parents will usually notice signs of autism in their child by two years of age; the earlier it is noticed the more the child can obtain the help they will need. Parenting a child with autism can be a challenge, but with education and medical help a parent can create a loving and successful environment for their child. A child with autism will need their parents’ commitment, loyalty, and patience to integrate into today’s society.

The parents of an autistic child will also need to take some time for themselves to recharge their batteries. This is true of any person, but the parents of an autistic child will be experiencing stress of a different kind. Remembering to set aside some time to just be yourself for a while is important to maintaining a positive and optimistic attitude.

Airborne chemicals are a way of life; businesses are emitting chemicals into the air every day. They are in the air we breathe both inside and outside of our homes. One way to keep the air inside of a home safe from airborne pollutants is to use an air purifier. This will keep the air inside of the home, which can be dirtier than the air outside relatively free of mold, bacteria, dust, dander, smoke and pollen. Also, most of the chemicals used to clean around the home are unnecessary; there are dozens of ways to clean your home using all natural ingredients.

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