Importance of a Cat Scratching Post

Published January 8, 2019

At first you may not see it as essential to get your cat a scratching post but with time you will notice that it is an essential tool for all the feline owners.


A cat scratching post may look like some piece of furniture that you will not need. After all, it is simply a post covered in roping or carpeting. However, this simple piece of furniture can help minimize the headaches that come with having a cat in your home by redirecting the cats natural tendencies to a safe place, thus improving the well-being of your cat and ensuring everything in the house is safe from any damage the cat can cause. Apart from knowing the cat scratching post tips and advice you should know how important the cat scratching post is so important to the cat.

For Kittens

Kittens have a lot of energy and they like being very playful. This makes scratching posts important for the small feline friends. The kittens will enjoy playing with the scratching post and they will tend to get attached to them. This will make it easy for the kittens to adapt to a new environment and will help to reduce the stresses that kittens face when they are placed in a new home. The scratching posts and something that they can hang on will help them get used to it.

For the furniture

Many cat owners can attest that even when there is no post to scratch on, they will still scratch because they love it. This means that they will invent something else to scratch and often it’s the furniture that fall victim.  Your seats or any other furniture will be damaged from the cat sharp claws and continuous scratching can completely damage a piece of furniture to the extent of breaking. However, you should not assume that cats know the work of a scratching post, you have to lure them to learn using it. You can put catnip on it to help correct the behavior problem of scratching furniture.

For cat’s health

Scratching is good for your cat’s health. Not only make the claws maintain a proper shape, but it is also a form of reducing stress. A healthy cat is one that is able to scratch anytime it feels like. A tall scratching post will help your cat to stretch het body and the paws becoming a good exercise. Starching helps the muscles to be okay so she can bound and pounce on something at a moment’s notice.

When the cat digs hers claws in the right fiber, it makes the cat so satisfied. That, together with the exercise and stretching helps your cat to be happy and emotionally healthy.

If you have multiple cats, you will notice that they will convene at the scratching post since they will all be interested i it. This will end up making the post sort of a meeting place so they can interact and play together.

Now you can see why you need such a piece of furniture in your house, especially if you are so fond of cats and have one or two in your hands.

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