How to Properly Select a Stereo Boombox

Published January 16, 2019

Despite their retro origins, boomboxes are still a very popular means of listening to music today. The wide range of types, styles and sizes gives you more than you can imagine bargaining for. Whether you’re looking for a vintage boombox from its original era in time, or a more up-to-date version you are guaranteed to find it all.

However, it’s important to remember when searching for boomboxes, it’s easier to find your desired type if you already have in mind what you’re looking for. Because the selection is so vast understanding what features you would like in your boombox is essential. But there is no need to worry, here we will discover what makes a great boombox and which type will suit your needs the best. Let’s have a look into the process of choosing the best boombox.

Appearance and Style

The way your boombox looks is probably one main feature that is important to you. This is good because there are so many options to choose from. If you’re looking for something sleep yet stylish and modern, you can find a number of these. However, if you want something with a more nostalgic look and feel, you can also find these as many are still around in Pawn shops or thrift stores.

Or maybe you want a little bit of both? You can find boomboxes that have the old school appearance with new school system and features. If you’re looking for something eye-catching boomboxes come in all sorts of colors and designs, of which you can purchase a flashy or subtler look. Maybe you would like something a little more conservative in appearance. You can choose from light or dark solid colors.  No matter what, you can have what you are looking for.

Size and Portability  

One great benefit of a boombox is despite its size, you can still carry it wherever you want to go. Older versions required wires and a system but nowadays you can find pretty much any style to be portable. As far as size boomboxes vary in shapes and sizes. This is perfect since not everyone will opt for a larger size. Although it should be noted they are not nearly as bulky in size as they once were back in the day.

Now you can find them to be more compact and even designed in a unique way.  In fact, you can opt to go for a handheld one if you’re in search of convenience and sound quality. So, whether big or small you can choose how easily you travel around with your boombox.

MP3& Bluetooth Connectivity and Quality of Sound

Bluetooth connectivity is a very powerful feature that has benefitted us greatly within the world of technology. The amazing thing is boomboxes have too adapted this amazing feature allowing you to connect other music devices to your boombox. MP3 connectivity is another powerful option which much like Bluetooth connectivity, lets you play music from other devices.

You can connect an MP3 or iPod without the use of cords and such. Well how about if you want a larger music selection of songs that aren’t on your playlists? Well no worries, simply connect via satellite. Although a subscription is required there it’s still very much worth it to have countless radio stations with you wherever you go.

So, when selecting a boombox keep these things in mind. While it may seem like a lot, choosing a boombox is not complicated and like anything else, only requires that you know what you’re looking for. Now with this awesome info you can go choose your desired boombox that’s as unique as you are.

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