How to Choose the Best Grow Lights for Cannabis

Published February 9, 2018


There are many different types of grow lights that people use these days for growing cannabis. These lights are not the usual lights that you use in your house. These are special lights that give out the desired amount of light, the right color, and heat. You have various options when you are picking the right light for your marijuana. You can read how to choose the best grow lights in this article.


1. Spectrum


Light is used by the plant for photosynthesis. And, different plants require a different amount of certain light for it to grow better. For cannabis, blue is used during the vegetative stage. Red is more effective during the flowering stage. You can purchase lights with specific spectrum, but you can also find some lights with the full spectrum. For some lighting system, you can adjust the color spectra to fit the stage your marijuana plants are on.


2. Heat


Marijuana plants should grow in an environment with controlled temperature. The ideal temperature is 20 – 25 degrees Celsius for seedlings. For growing plants, 28 degrees Celsius is perfect. Your lighting system can produce more heat and increase the temperature in the grow room when turned on. To avoid burning the plants, you might need to install a ventilation system or some fans to reduce the temperature. If you do not have enough budget or space for such additional equipment, you might want to choose a light that produces less heat.


3. Energy


Energy consumption is one of the biggest problems of indoor marijuana growers. The lights should be turned on for about 12 hours each day. You can pick a light that uses up less power. However, there could be consequences for this. The intensity of the light might be lower and the coverage could be less. You can choose to buy more lights to provide for all your plants or choose a light that has higher intensity but uses up more energy.


4. Maintenance


Even the most expensive of grow lights would need to be tended to and changed regularly. The bulbs of the different types of lights have a different lifespan, too. Some lights are more durable than the others but you might need to pay more for them. But, as long as you install the lighting system properly and avoid damaging them, you would be able to maximize your light’s life.


5. Installation / Setup


If you have been growing for a while now, you might already know how different the lights are when it comes to setting them up or installing them. Some lights cannot be plugged in directly to the standard electrical outlet you have in your house. You would need to buy some additional equipment for it. Most manufacturers could include these extras when you buy the light though.


6. Warranty


When you purchase any product, especially ones that you have to spend a lot in, you should be asking for warranty and knowing if there are any guarantees from the manufacturer. Do not hesitate to ask your vendor to make sure you are only getting the best.

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