Guide to Choosing the Right Gun Cabinets

Published October 29, 2018

The vital function of a gun cabinet is to keep your gun in a safe location. There is a wide range of gun cabinets in the market currently. This includes stack-on firepower ammo cabinet, modular pistol racks, rectangular gun concealment clock, and the gun father clocks. It has now become quite tricky when it comes to choosing the best one to suit your need. This article will give you the most important features that you should look out for when shopping for a gun cabinet. You can click here for more information.


Locking mechanisms

Gun cabinets have been designed with different kinds of locking mechanisms. A digital lock has been made with features that allow you to use a customized password. They are tougher to break in through and easier to use.

Dial locks are a traditional way of securing your gun. The advantage of having this type of lock is that you do not need to keep on changing batteries making them easy to maintain. It is however difficult to reset the password that has been set.

Apart from the normal lock a cabinet has, a good cabinet will have a series of relocks. This relocks engage whenever there is threat of the cabinet being tampered with. They usually pop out of the side wall into predrilled holes in the door. These relocks remain locked firmly even after the normal lock has been opened.

Fire protection

All the cabinets present in the market are designed with fire resistant features. Most cabinets usually have a 30-minute fire rating. This ratting can only be suitable if you live in an urban location. This is not the same case if you are living in a suburban area because may take more time for the fire rescue team to arrive for help.  A 60-minute fire rating cabinet is recommended for such situations.

It is important to ensure that the cabinet is installed with devices to regulate the internal temperature of the safe. This installation should be located in between the cabinet’s wall.

Water proof protection

It has been proven that most of the damage caused a gun cabinet during a fire hazard does not actually come from the fire. It comes from the water being used to put out the fire. It is therefore to look for a gun cabinet that has a lining that is waterproof. A good cabinet will offer protection against normal home flooding. You should invest more on cabinets that have a heavier water protection rating if you live in flooded areas.


Size of a cabinet is an essential fact you need to consider. The best way to determine the size of cabinet to acquire is to measure the space in your house where you are going to place the cabinet. You also need to consider the type of gun you own and the type(s) that you intended to own. You should also have an account of everything you would like to store together with your gun.

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