Five Features to Look For in a 5-Channel Amplifier

Published November 16, 2018

If you have started browsing channel amps on the web, you would notice that are so-called mono channel amp and multi-channel amplifiers. As its name implies, a mono channel amplifier is basically an amplifier with one output channel. You can connect one or more subwoofers using one mono amp depending on the amplifier’s impedance.


On the other hand, the multi-channel amp can bridge two or more speakers into a single channel. The most popular multi-channel amp in the market is 5-channel amplifiers. This type of amplifier can power your car’s whole speaker system. It can bridge the front and rear speakers along with the subwoofers to create a clear, dynamic and crisp music. Moreover, a 5 channel amp saves more space compared to mono and 2 channel amps.

If you are interested to buy a 5-channel amplifier, another aspect you need to check are the features it offers. You can consult a product reviews sites that are worth reading like the Sound Certified. This source offers honest product reviews as well as buying guidelines for newbies in choosing amplifiers.

As you keep on browsing 5-channel amplifiers to buy, do not forget to look for the following features to guarantee a worthy investment.

Subsonic Filter

One feature that you should check in an amplifier is the subsonic filter. It is a high pass filter for very low frequencies called subsonic frequencies.

Subsonic frequencies are very low that it is inaudible in the human ear. This frequency can damage woofers. It is the reason why you need a subsonic filter. It prevents the subsonic frequencies from damaging the speaker system.

Thermal Management System

Prolonged use of amplifiers can cause the device to overheat. A 5-channel amplifier with a thermal management technology prevents the amplifier from completely shutting off when overheating condition is detected. This feature allows the amp to keep on pumping music in a reduced volume. It also keeps the amplifier’s heat under control.

Optional Bass

This feature allows you to control the bass of the speaker system. This technology is useful when you want to switch the music’s dynamic in softer sound. It works well when you just want to relax while driving.

Bass Boost

There are occasions wherein you want to keep yourself entertained with music while on a road trip. The bass boost feature in a 5channel amp can make your source of entertainment more enjoyable. If you want to experience a surround theater-like experience while driving, choose a 5 channel with a bass boost option.

Adjustable Crossovers

A crossover is an electronic device that uses a single input signal to create two or three output signals in different bands. The function of a crossover is to direct the frequencies to the tweeters, woofers, and subwoofers. Without a crossover, the sound that comes out of a speaker is messy and distorted.

Adjustable crossovers in 5channel amps allow you to control each driver in the sound system and achieve a high-quality sound.

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