Doing Basement Insulation Like A Pro

Published December 26, 2014

Doing Basement Insulation Like A Pro

Your basement can become a luxurious living space for everyone in your home. The key is to take all of the necessary steps to ensure that the temperature and humidity levels are in good balance. Basements are different than the rest of your home in that they are prone to moisture. A great dehumidifier system and excellent insulation will keep the moisture out to reduce humidity and the insulation will help to keep your basement warm during the cold months and cool during the hot months.

Ways Water Gets Into a Basement

Keeping moisture out of your basement is critical to prevent water-related issues. Dehumidifying your basement and using the right insulation are important, but there are a few other things that you want to check to ensure that your basement stays dry, including:

  1. Surface water may make its way into the foundation walls
  2. Plumbing system clogs can cause a backup of water into the water via floor drains
  3. Groundwater that is in the soil can accumulate and weaken the home’s foundation
  4. The perimeter foundation may allow storm sewer water backup to get into the basement

Make sure that your foundation is in good shape and that you check it at least once per year for cracks and other damage. You also want to ensure that there is adequate drainage around your home so that water is unable to backup.

Exploring a Whole House Dehumidifier System

A dehumidifier works to pull any extra moisture out of the air so that there is a lesser chance of moisture-related damage. If you constantly have high levels of humidity in your home, there is a chance that mildew and mold will start to build up, increasing the risk of your home becoming dangerous for your health. Those with pre-existing health issues are at the greatest risk for issues, but anyone can experience allergies, breathing troubles and other problems related to mold. A whole house dehumidifier system works to completely eliminate this risk.

Looking at Basement Insulation Options

Insulation helps to prevent small amounts of water from getting in and it is necessary to keep your basement at a constant comfortable temperature throughout the year. You want an insulation that is high in quality so that it is able to stand up to the demands of a basement. There are some types that are designed to work well in a basement atmosphere. Great insulation along with effective dehumidifying work together to ensure that your basement is always comfortable and to make sure that excessive moisture does not build up.

There is no reason that your basement cannot become living space in your home. As long as you work to keep the temperature and environment balanced with good insulation and constant dehumidifying, you will find that your basement makes a great space for family time. Also make sure to be aware of how water can get into your basement and make any repairs as soon as possible.

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