Do Height Increment Supplements Really Work?

Published September 23, 2018

You might be wondering whether someone can even grow taller beyond a certain age. Especially if they are way past the puberty ages. You might have also probably heard of height increment supplements and wonder if they actually work.

Growth is a gradual body process that takes quite an amount of time, you might never even notice it sometimes. However, height increment supplements work to affect the process of growth by targeting growth hormones found in the body.


The mechanism of how height increment supplements work

What you should know about height increment supplements is that they target the spine to be effective. While other body bones fuse when you grow older, the spine does not; thus growing taller is possible at any stage.

Another important fact that you should know about the increase in height is that the spine is not a bone, but is a combination of cartilages. These cartilages can be altered to increase in length, and there is no limit to how long they can get. Therefore, growing tall is something that can happen at any time and at any rate. You should also know that the behavior or growth of the cartilages lies on hormones.

Height increment supplements come into play when they affect the hormones, and specifically the Human Growth Hormone. This particular hormone is important for the body as it is important for cell regeneration and development of healthy tissues in the body.

In body height increasing, the Human Growth Hormone is found to be of great help for repairing and growth of the body cartilages. This implies that a high amount of the Human Growth Hormone in the body will lead to an increased rate of lengthening of the cartilages and in turn increase in body height.

The Human Growth Hormone cannot be taken into the body through direct consumption. Yes, for food components like proteins, zinc, calcium and vitamin D. This particular hormone can only be affected by certain amino acids that you can take; L-Ornithine, L-Arginine, L-Lysine, L-Glutamine, and L-Glycine. These amino acids will work to ensure there are adequate amounts of the hormone and thus regular and consistent growth of the cartilages and hence increase in height.

Foods can work, but height increment supplements will boost the process more. Height increment supplements are manufactured with a combination of three or more of the amino acids so the increase in body height is guaranteed. They also contain other ingredients that are included to complement its effectiveness. Getting a height increment supplement from a trusted dealer will guarantee it safe to use. However, only a few supplements are certified and thus safe to use. You can read about how Growth Factor Plus works to see how effective and safe it is to use.

Most people will shun away from the idea of height increment supplements as they simply do not believe in them. This is especially in the case when most people believe the growth of the body has reached its end and one can no longer grow taller. However, you will find height increment supplements quite effective in making you taller at any stage in your life.

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