Could Monsanto’s Roundup Be Linked With Kidney Disease?

Published May 26, 2014
Monsanto’s Roundup

Photo by Stephen Melkisethian / CC BY

The chemical weed killer Roundup made by Monsanto is found on shelves everywhere and is used to eradicate those pesky weeds. I prefer my father-in-laws method of using a blowtorch on the weeds which is much more entertaining but completely impractical, unless your yard is made of rocks like his.

Roundup is made mainly from glyphosate, with other chemicals added. Research has determined it may be the addition of these other chemicals which drives up the toxicity of the product. When the product was first introduced in the 1970’s it was unfortunately killing the crops along with the weeds it was meant to kill, which then caused Monsanto to come up with their own genetically modified versions of the crops. Soy, corn, sugar beets, cottonseed and canola oils, up to 90% of these crops are genetically engineered to withstand the chemicals in Roundup; the EPA has approved raising the amount of glyphosate that is allowed to be used by a staggering 3,000 percent.

GMO’s or genetically modified organisms are literally an organism that has been genetically modified. Studies have been done that seem to point at both sides of the equation; some studies suggest that there are no health concerns at all when using or ingesting GMO’s while other studies show laboratory rats who have been ingesting GMO’s to have large tumors and internal organ failure. The one thing that is certain are the patent ability that corporations like Monsanto has when creating these crops. The question we need to ask ourselves is, “Do I want a corporation to hold the patents for all of our crops?” When you think about what the bottom line is for a corporation, namely profits, the answer becomes crystal clear.

Sugar farm workers in Central America and rice farmers in Sri Lanka are experiencing levels of chronic kidney disease, and while the exact cause is yet to be determined the government of Sri Lanka has severely restricted the use of Roundup along with other herbicides. Other governments have banned the import of American crops and beef due to the use of GMO’s and hormones.

It is also worth noting that both in the late 1970’s and the mid 1990’s two separate scientific laboratories were tasked by Monsanto to study the effects of glyphosate. In both instances the laboratories were charged and found guilty of submitting false data to the government and falsifying statements, which begs the question, “If there’s nothing wrong, why submit faulty data?”

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