Cordless Stick Vacuum Comparison: Dyson V8 and Shark Ion FLEX

Published June 4, 2018

Anyone who has a pet understands the struggle of going after their mess. Pets are adorable little companions, giving never-ending fun and excitement to every home. It’s all fun, until the cleaning part. Pets are just like little children. They need to be taken care of and given attention to, and like little kids, they make a mess around the house. Pets like dogs and cats leave a lot of fur in the air and lands almost anywhere in the house, especially in corners and crevices. They are not easy to remove, especially when they get stuck on couches, carpets, or dark clothing. Thankfully, there are tools that make chores like this easier.


There is no easier way to clean off dust, bits of trash, and pet hair than a vacuum cleaner. There are a few types of vacuum cleaners, but this article will discuss and compare two known cordless stick vacuum cleaners: the Dyson V8 Absolute and Shark Ion FLEX Duo Clean.


For users, both the Dyson V8 and Shark Ion have excellent suction power for a cordless vacuum cleaner. The Dyson V8 can run on full suction until the last drop of power is used. The Shark Ion FLEX claims nothing similar, but has been found out to have no decrease in suction power until the battery is depleted. In terms of power, both are an excellent choice.

Vacuum Usage

Depending on the tools used while vacuuming, the Dyson V8 can run up to 40 minutes of cleaning. Using a higher mode in cleaning can decrease the runtime. The Shark Ion FLEX tries to top it with their rechargeable batteries which can replace the used batteries to charge it again. The thing with rechargeable batteries is they only last about 22 mins, so one must buy another battery to top Dyson’s max of 40 mins. For this, the decision goes for both.

Vacuum Attachments

One thing to look for in vacuum cleaners is versatility. Pet hairs can accumulate anywhere, on tight spaces that usually can’t be reached, or on areas where they stick too much. The direct drive cleaner head and the quick release mini motorized tool by Dyson is something to be loved. It digs deep into the fabric, leaving no pet hair and dust around. The Shark Ion FLEX has the DuoClean floor head, which basically combines a brush roll with stiff bristles to easily remove hair from carpets and floors. Both have equally excellent solutions for hard-to-get dirt and hair.


The vacuum must not be heavier than the task itself. It’s supposed to make the chore lighter. Both vacuum cleaners are easy to maneuver, and are easy to lift. The Dyson V8 is incredibly light, weighing only 5.75 pounds. The Shark Ion FLEX, however, weighs 3 pounds heavier at 8.7 pounds.

A good vacuum cleaner must be able to handle the different cleaning needs inside the home, especially for pet owners. What matters most in a vacuum cleaner are not all the features, but the fact that it can get the job done. For more detailed comparison of these excellent vacuum cleaners, check the website here: .

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