Considerations When Buying Induction Cook top

Published April 20, 2018

Heating food to make it safe for consumption and delectable is something that the human society will probably never be able to live without. Heck, even in island survival shows contestants do everything to build a fire to roast their catch. It’s an important part of survival, apparently.


For the longest time, though, using fire has always been the go-to cooking method. And then came heating through electricity, and it also became as widespread as cooking by use of flame. Unfortunately, using electrically heated coils isn’t the most efficient way to cook Along came induction cookers which had gas and electric stoves shaking in their knees. Induction cook tops, it would seem, has the answer for efficient energy use.

For a first-time induction cook top buyer, however, getting one shouldn’t be out of impulse. Sure, they’re generally great – but not all brands are reliable. And even reliable brands are guilty of pushing models that are kind of questionable. So instead of rushing to the nearest store to get one, take a few steps back and take note of a few important things first.

Is It Really Efficient?

After all the good things said about induction cook tops, one must take note that just like any products out there, they are not created equal. Some models are more efficient at using electricity in relation to its cooking function, while others fail miserably. Ideally, a model with temperature settings is a great option because the power used can be scaled down to what one only needs while cooking. Temperature settings also work well in this regard. The key is to have a large range of option to make sure that low and high-temperature cooking can be accommodated.

Child Safety

Zero flames don’t automatically mean zero risks. Even adults will still be prone to injuries due to carelessness or simply because of mishaps like spills and touching the cook top immediately after taking off the pan or pot. A child lock safety is a good addition to any induction cook top because it prevents turning on because of a single press of a button by an inquisitive child. A single safety lock isn’t troublesome for adults to turn off before cooking, anyway. That extra step for operating the cook top is well worth the trade-off of increased safety.

A Long Cord

As mentioned earlier, most of the human race have been dependent on gas stoves to cook food. With this in mind, it isn’t usual that there aren’t power outlets near their cooking area. Fortunately, most induction cook tops have long cords so this probably isn’t going to be a common issue. Nevertheless, it’s worth looking into because it’s one of those things that’s frustrating to find out too late.

Stable Low and High Temperatures

Food has better consistency if heat is also consistent. Get an induction cooker that has a stable temperature even at the lowest and highest settings. This isn’t hard to research as there are plenty of helpful sites out there that are helpful enough to check out this information. If interested to know more, read more here to get a better idea of what a good induction cook top looks like.

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