Buyer’s Guide: Everything You Need to Know before Buying Heat Press Machine

Published June 8, 2018

Heat press machine or heat transfer printing is one of the modern ways of printing an artwork to various objects such as t-shirts, mugs, hats, plates, and more.

If you are starting a printing business and have no idea what are to be considered when purchasing your first heat press machine, this detailed look will help you in choosing the right heat press machine for your business.


What is heat press machine?

A heat press machine is a well-engineered machine that allows you to print designs on a piece of fabric, porcelain or on plates and mugs, puzzles, and more. With its wide-range use, several manufacturers offer both automatic and manual imprinting features.

There are several types of heat press machines:

1. Clamshell type of heat press machine 

Clamshell heat press machine is one of the inexpensive types of its kind; nevertheless, it has the strength to make your printing fast and efficient.

2. Swinger type of heat press machine

The swinger or swing-away heat press machine allows you to expand your workspace, where you can move the machine left or right; plus you can rotate it by 360 degrees. Thanks to the omitted distracting heat platen above, you have a lot of space to position the material you want to transfer your design.

3. Draw type of heat press machine

Draw heat press machine is expensive, but one of the best types of heat press. The best part of having this type of machine, you get the strength of the clamshell heat press machine and expanded workspace like the swinger heat press machine.

4. Cricut easy type of heat press machine

Cricut easy heat press machine is a portable type of its kind; however, it does not have two platens. This heat press machine works with single hot base when transferring design to shirts or works efficiently like the others; despite it all, it allows you to transfer any design anytime and anywhere, all you need to have is the right skill to make it work.

What are the sizes of heat press machine?

Since there are several types of heat press machine, you have to know which size you need to use before purchasing one.

  •    4 x 6 inches mini type of heat press machine

These mini types of heat press machines are generally used for simple brand labelling and tags; however, this type is much expensive than the bigger ones.

  •    9 x 9 inches Cricut easy heat press machine

As mentioned earlier, this type is portable where you can bring anywhere. It allows you to print any small or limited sizes of materials.

  •    12 x 15 inches small heat press machine 

Most of these kinds are multifunctional, where you can print designs to mugs, cups, and t-shirts.

  •    15 x 15 heat press machine (full-sized)

If you are planning to have a printing business, this multifunctional heat press machine is best for beginners.

  •    16 x 24 large heat press machine

If you want to make your printing full-time, this will help you out with all your printing needs.

Final Thoughts

There are a lot of things to learn about press heat machine before purchasing for one; the best way to do that is read reliable reviews and recommendations like this.

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