Benefits of Getting a Portable Band Saw

Published April 28, 2018

Band saws are very handy when it comes to cutting, sawing again and ripping either wood or metal. That is why most shops have to have band saws. Homeowners who do their own woodcraft and other projects at home get one for themselves, too.


There are basically two styles that band saws come in. These are the vertical band saws and the portable band saws. Although vertical band saws have their own advantages, many people now prefer to get the portable style like the Chicago Electric bandsaw because of its many benefits. Take a look at what you could gain if you get a portable band saw for your projects.

Benefit 1: You can use it for stationary objects.

Usually, when cutting wood or other objects, workers would need to carry the object to where the band saw is to make the cut. However, by using a portable band saw, you would not need to carry heavy objects or move stationary ones just to work on them. Instead of transporting the objects, you can move the saw itself.

Benefit 2: It makes work faster.

Band saws are generally great tools to make cutting, ripping and sawing again so much faster and easier. Sometimes, it does not work as fast as you want if you have to carry long, heavy pipes to a vertical band saw to cut them. It would take a lot of time, not to mention manpower, just to move those massive logs. Carrying a hand held band saw would cut the time in half as you would not need to spend eons just pulling the objects to where you want them to be. In the metal industry where workers often handle long pieces of metal, using a portable band saw can save you from grinding and re-welding the metal.

Benefit 3: It creates fewer sparks and produces less noise.

There are some places where you cannot use open flame or other cutting tools that could cause fire hazards. In these places, it is best to use a portable band saw as it creates less spark compared to other cutting tools. The tool is also great to be used in places where noise can be an issue. It produces less noise than some other tools that are usually used by woodworkers.

Benefit 4: It is easy to change directions when cutting.

Cutting curves perfectly is one of the main features of portable band saws. The tool is easy to handle and the operator could switch directions as often as he wants with ease. There are also knobs and switches that would allow you to adjust the speed and direction safely and with ease.

Benefit 5: It is easy to manage and control.

This benefit would depend on the model and the manufacturer of the tool. Some older versions of the portable band saw can be a bit heavier and more difficult to control because of the extra weight that the battery gives. These days, there are great portables that use power cords to increase the tool’s portability and ease of control.

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