Beard Talk: Why Use Beard Oil?

Published December 26, 2018

Ever found yourself at a store but can’t decide which beard oil to buy?

When you go to a store or shop online, there are two main options of beard conditioning products. You’ll find beard balm and beard oil on the shelves. These two are useful for specific conditions. Thus, if you are having a hard timeĀ deciding between beard balm vs beard oil, consult the Made for Beards.


The Made for Beards is the official website for men looking for advice on handpicking bread conditioning products. This source is quite useful for beginners in beard growing. All the information you need to know about proper maintenance and care of beard is right here.

Going back to beard products, this post will focus on discussing beard oil. If you prefer beard balm compared to oil, now is the best chance to learn more about the latter. Here are theĀ reasons why you should consider using beard oil.

What’s the deal with beard oil?

Beard oil is ideal for men with a short to medium length beard. If your beard begins growing out, you might want to add beard oil on your facial hair conditioning products. The beard usually grows after a month. So, you might want to replace beard balm with oil if you’re in second to the third month of growing beard.

Applying beard oil helps in styling facial hair a bit but not as much as beard balm. The primary use of beard oil is to keep the beard healthy while it grows out. It assures the facial hair and skin stays hydrated. It also prevents the growth of beardruff (dandruff on beard) as well as flakiness which is a result of dryness.

Another reason why you must consider beard oil is the natural ingredients of the product. A high-quality beard oil contains natural herbs and vitamins essential for growing healthy beard. Examples of vitamins and ingredients you need to look for in a beard oil product are the following:

  • Jojoba or Argan Oil
  • Tea Tree
  • Sandalwood
  • Vitamin E

The above ingredients have high nourishing abilities which promote moisturized, soft and thick facial hair. Moreover, these ingredients are natural anti-septics particularly the tea tree extract. Thus, using beard oil supports in clearing out pores and dirt on the beard. Plus, it reduces the risk of acne!

Beard oil also smells wonderful. The essential oils and ingredients of this facial hair product exude amazing smell that your partner would surely love.

The only drawback of using a beard oil is the price that comes with it. High-quality beard oil is not cheap. Such products contain natural ingredients which are the reason behind its more expensive cost. Still, the money you spend would be worth it.

There are several beard oil products in the market. Learn how to choose wisely. Make sure you are handpicking a genuine natural beard oil. You can consult the Made For Beards for the best beard oil in the market.

Would like to learn more about tips and advice on how to grow a healthy beard? Check out the details at this source!

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