Awesome Features Found in A 5X7 Speaker

Published September 5, 2018

Great music is the key to a great mood daily, and to get that you have to have the best audio system installed. The best 5X7 speakers will leave you nodding to your favourite music in the comfort of your cool ride.

Awesome features in a 5X7 speaker will ensure quality sound, great performance when it hits the highs and the lows and even overall durability. This is for car audio enthusiasts who want to cherish every moment they turn on their car audio.


The brand matters a lot when it comes to the sound system and the quality it produces. Well established brands have gotten to where they are after producing upgrades and upgrades of audio systems. They are therefore experienced in delivering what you the buyer is looking for.

The material used in the design is what you should look out for next. With the ever-rising technology, there is an impressive evolution in the sound quality today than it was before. The material used should be able to sustain the power produced by the speakers while at the same time hit the highs and the lows fairly well.

Tweeters with a soft dome are an example of design materials that ensure quality in the sound produced and thus the overall performance. A good set of tweeters will expand the high-frequency range making you hear some parts of your favourite music that you could not hear with other speakers.

The design of the woofers in the speakers also matters a lot. Woofer technology may contain extended cones which will ensure the bass is refined just the way you would want it to be.

For instance, a paper woofer cone which is found in some brands of woofers brings a new theory in how quality sound is achieved. This will allow for more responsive bass.

Another awesome feature is their ability to sustain high power ratings when in use. A good 5X7 speaker should be able to handle approximately 75 watts or even more on a continuous basis.

Some 5X7 speakers have some built-in two-way crossovers which enable both the high and low frequencies to flow to the right drivers. This will guarantee a seamless and an efficient audio output.

Other awesome features that will guarantee a plus performance in a 5X7 speaker are such as a black stamp steel basket or even black powder paint on each of the speakers. Some speakers also come with additional features such as a multi-hole mounting pattern which includes a not so deep hole that ensures easier drop-in installations for your now cool ride.

Some awesome features in the woofer are included to guarantee its durability. For instance, a rubber surrounding ensures the woofer lasts long while at the same time ensuring high performance during its lifetime.

There are numerous brands and makes of speakers out there promising quality sound but delivering the opposite. What you have to do to avoid being played is to go for the above features in 5X7 speakers which will guarantee quality music.

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