All You Need To Know About Rainbow Vacuum Cleaners

Published October 19, 2017

rainbow vaccume cleaner


The Rainbow vacuum cleaner gets overlooked a lot because of it’s underground and word of mouth success, but the fact it, the Rainbow is considered on of the most effective and useful cleaning devices in the world today!


Rexair has been an industry icon for quite some time now. Founded in 1929, Rexair has been designing products that revolutionize cleaning for over 80 years. The Rainbow vacuum was the result of the hard work and dedication of John W. Newcombie, Leslie S. Green, and T. Russ Hill, who by the late 1930’s had turned a simple design idea into a flourishing corporation. The team of inventors got recognition for designing a product that was actually considered a revolutionary breakthrough by medical professionals at that time. The Rainbow’s unique method of trapping dust, allergens, and other particulates in water was helping asthma, allergy, and hay fever suffers victims by reducing airborne contaminates. Rexair Corporation survived the Great Depression and the Second World War, while doing their part to contribute by supporting war efforts in the production of rocket launchers, radar cases, and ship partitions and linings.

The Rainbow has been redesigned and drastically improved over the past 80 years and is now known in over 70 countries as an unmissable pinnacle in the cleaning industry. Customers that have owned a Rainbow vacuum cleaner will never switch, and according to J.V. Sanders, the Rainbow vacuum is “the best cleaning system on the face of the Earth.”


Everything. The Rainbow vacuum cleaner is unlike any other cleaning system you will find, in the sense that it offers full house cleaning capabilities. That means you can clean wall to wall, ceiling to floor, and literally everything in between. Rainbow vacuum cleaners are packed with all the tools and features you will need to get any cleaning task done quickly and effectively, with a twist of uniqueness. Rainbow vacuum cleaners are recognized worldwide now to be one of the most thorough, and most advanced cleaning systems ever invented, and they leave the air in your home clean, healthy, and smelling delicious!


Upholstery Tool – Clean deep down with the special upholstery tool, extending the life of your furniture and preserving that like new-look!

Dusting Brush – Effectively clean curtains, fans, fixtures, and hard to reach places with hardly any effort.

Floor and Wall Brush -Excellent for cleaning hardwood floors, tile, and ceramic, and this attachment will also pick up litter, dust piles, and all types of small messes with ease.

Crevice Tool – Excellent for getting in crevices, baseboards, and cleaning in hard to reach places.

Attachment Caddy – Carry your attachments in a designated place on board the Rainbow, making them easier to find, harder to lose, and right there when you need them while you are working.

Aerofresh Bag – This bag can be used to replace the old, dusty air in cushions, pillows, and other items, leaving your house smelling so clean that your neighbors will want to get one!

Confined Space and Inflator Tool – Excellent for confined spaces like in between cushions, behind refrigerators, under stoves, etc. The inflator function is great for airing up mattresses and inflatables, and cleaning the inside of vehicles!

8-Foot Hose – Just enough to get the job done without being big and gaudy.

Stainless Steel Wands – Made strong and durable, with resistance to rust and corrosion.

Special Fragrances Exclusive to Rainbow – Fragrances so unique that you will miss them even if you never buy a Rainbow! Just the in-home demo alone is sure to impress you for years to come!

Final Thoughts

The Rainbow vacuum uses aerodynamics and hydrodynamics combined, to trap particles, creating what is, in all actuality one of the worlds first air scrubbers and multipurpose cleaning tools. The Rainbow delivers a notably “one of a kind”, deep down clean for every surface it comes in contact with, and its easy to use, easy to clean, and of excellent design quality. Rainbow vacuums are made of the strongest and best materials available for production, and they are covered by an authorized warranty that is backed by Rexair LLC. The Rainbow vacuum is Certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation, the Carpet and Rug Institute, and the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers (AHAM). If you read the reviews and testimonials on Rainbow vacuums, you will find that customers that buy one never want anything else.

Rainbow vacuums are special for many reasons, offering unique cleaning and deodorizing abilities, and a number of other uses that make it in my opinion, the best multipurpose cleaning tool for any household cleaning job. There are tons of testimonials, millions of satisfied customers, and no matter how much someone tries to tell you about a Rainbow vacuum, nothing could prepare you for what the Rainbow can do… you just have to see it!

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