A Life Free from Athlete’s Foot

Published April 4, 2018

Our feet have great roles in our lives, but they are also often the most ignored when it comes to caring. What is worst is that they are the parts of our body that go through a lot of difficulties throughout the day, from walking, standing, to running. More often than not, we just give them attention when there is already something wrong or when they become smelly and itchy. This condition is often referred to as athlete’s foot.


Athlete’s foot is a type of fungal infection that, of course, affect the feet. Scientifically speaking, fungi love to thrive in moist areas and the feet is the perfect spot since they are always covered with socks and shoes, as well as soaking in sweat. This condition, if not treated immediately will worsen in time as fungi spread easily and would soon cover the entire feet.

The good thing, though, is that this is not hard to cure as long as immediate and initial treatment is given. According to the American Academy of Dermatology Guidelines, topical treatment, using a quality antifungal foot cream is recommended for initial treatment. This cream can be made of antifungal agents like cotrimoxazole and miconazole. Some may also be mixed with corticosteroids in order to relieve any form of inflammations in the area.

Today, you can also find creams for athlete’s foot that are made of natural ingredients. Some of the contents include the following:

  • Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is an ingredient that has undergone a lot of studies and has shown that it can help get rid of the fungi Candida sp. In fact, traditionally, people soak their feet in warm water that contains tea tree leaf or homemade oil. Tea tree oil is also believed to help prevent the spreading and worsening of the condition.

  • Garlic Extract

Garlic might not be something that every person would love to put on his or her feet because of its strong scent, but this is amongst the most potent ingredient that can help kill fungi that cause athlete’s foot. That is owed to the fact that it contains an antimicrobial agent known as ajoene. As this compound is rich in sulfur substances, it is a potent antifungal agent.

  • Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has long been used in traditional medicine to manage multiple kinds of health conditions. According to chemical evaluations, it contains medium-chain fatty acids that are capable of killing bacteria, fungi, and viruses.

  • Green Tea Extract

Green tea is also a natural antifungal cream component that is believed to help eliminate the causative agent of athlete’s foot as well as minimize the occurrence of inflammation related to the condition. That is simply because green tea is rich in anti-inflammatory agents and antioxidants.

Final Thoughts

Athlete’s foot is a condition that can take a toll on a person’s self-confidence because of the smell. Sufferers also would often feel uncomfortable because of the constant itchiness that they feel in the area. Hence, it is always better to find ways to prevent if occurrence. However, if this still happens, make sure that you treat it immediately with the right antifungal foot cream.

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