5 Ways You Can Reduce Waste In Your Home

Published July 19, 2014

5 Ways You Can Reduce Waste In Your Home

Reducing waste and eliminating clutter in the home has multiple benefits; not only does the house become cleaner but so does the mind. Research has proven that too much clutter can cause the mind to become over active, focusing on things that do not matter and taking attention away from the things that do matter. For example, if a person is working on three different projects and has all three spread out before them, the mind will be unable to focus on the one project which they are actively working. Instead thoughts will be turning to the other two projects, and what needs to be done for them as well. It is much better if only one project is one the desk, enabling the mind to concentrate and produce a better product. Reducing waste and clutter in the home will have the same effect; a feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of open space to breathe, and the ability to remain calm and peaceful. Below we will discuss some of the ways to reduce waste in a typical home.

  1. Reduce the paper trail – With today’s modern technology it is relatively easy to go paper-free. Most credit card companies and utility companies offer the ability to receive monthly statements through email, eliminating the need for a paper statement. Bills can also be paid online, which eliminates the need for paper checks, envelopes and stamps. If you wish to opt-out of prescreened credit card and insurance offers simply contact the credit reporting agencies and they will take care of your request.
  2. Buy local – Not only will buying local reduce waste by eliminating delivery boxes and packing materials, it will also help to support the local economy. An individual may  be able to save a couple of dollars buying something online, but buying local gives the satisfaction of immediate gratification (you pick up your item, pay and go home), as opposed to waiting days for your package to arrive. It also makes things much easier if items must be returned; no looking for a box and taking it to the post office, or hoping the box is still on the porch for pickup when the postal carrier arrives.
  3. Consider going green – If you like to dig around in the garden, composting may be for you. Composting is a great way to get rid of food scraps and yard waste, and put it to good use. A plus is that using compost can greatly improve the soil and gives you free fertilizer. There are even composting toilets on the market now!
  4. Buy fresh – While it may seem like processed, packaged foods save time during a busy day it really only saves approximately 10 minutes in cooking and preparation time. Processed foods are less healthy than fresh food and usually come with minimal packaging as opposed to their processed counterparts, which are vacuum sealed in plastic and then sealed again in a cardboard container. This also gets back to buying local if a person can make it to the nearby farmers market. Buying and cooking fresh foods will be healthier for the family, support the local economy, and cause less trash at the end of the week.
  5. Take advantage of nature – Households usually contain a myriad of cleaning products under the sinks and in the garage which in some cases are unneeded. The next time you find yourself with another type of cleaning product in your hand stop and think about whether or not it is really needed. There are natural ways to clean without accumulating more plastic bottles under the sink such as using lemon juice mixed with salt for rough scouring jobs. Lemons can also be used to cut through grease on dishes and make whites in the laundry brighter.

Whether it’s using solar panels or wind turbines to cut back on wasted energy costs, or using natural cleaning products for personal use or the home reducing waste is a great way to distress your life and your mind. It just takes a bit of determination and research to make your life clutter free.

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