2018 Best Solar Backpacks for Adventure Seekers

Published May 5, 2018

Are you an outdoor sports enthusiast? 

Outdoor sports such as hiking, mountain climbing, and biking are full of thrill and excitement. Not to mention, the breath-taking sceneries of nature will surely encourage you to explore more. No wonder why countless of individuals love outdoor sports including the adrenaline junkies.


Despite being fun and exhilarating, outdoor sports are also dangerous. If you are not prepared with various unexpected situations, you might risk yourself.

Indeed, the danger is a part of outdoor sports; thus, you always have to be prepared in any situation you may encounter. And one way to assure your safety is to use solar-powered backpacks.

What are Solar Powered Backpacks? 

A solar-powered backpack is different from regular bags; it is designed to provide sufficient power supply especially during emergencies. The front of the backpack is filled with solar cells. These solar cells absorb the energy from the sun and convert it to electricity. Hence, these backpacks are your portable source of electricity.

Using a solar-powered backpack is convenient, making you an effective prepper; for instance, you got lost and the battery of the GPS tracker died on you, having a solar backpack handy, it allows you to charge any of your devices, even if you are out from nowhere. So, with your GPS’s battery turned on, you will easily find your way back.

Truly, solar powered backpacks are great lifesavers. For an adventure seeker, this backpack is an excellent investment.

Now, handpicking a solar-powered backpack is not easy. You have to rethink your options and consider the pros and cons of buying a particular brand of this backpack. To help you pick the best solar backpack in the market, check out these solar powered backpacks from Power On Bags.

  1. Choetech Solar Backpack-This solar backpack is ideal for outdoor use, where it can produce 24 watts of power. In addition, this backpack is foldable and water resistant. Also, this product has three webbing loops on each side.
  2. ECEEN Waterproof Solar Backpack-Bringing gadgets such as laptops while camping or hiking is not a good idea. Changing weather conditions can damage your gadgets. However, if you could not avoid packing your gadgets with you, use ECEEN waterproof solar backpack for laptops. This excellent brand is made of scratch-free leather, puncture, and abrasion free. Likewise, the backpack has additional bubble foam that absorbs sudden shocks and offers extra protection to your gadgets.
  3. Ivation Solar Backpack- This solar is the top seller in the market. It has amazing features that is certainly worth investing in. This backpack has a powerful solar panel that stores energy up to 10,000mAh capacity of lithium-polymer battery. Furthermore, this bag is equipped with removable and waterproof power bank. Plus, it has two built-in charging ports and a USB cable for extra connection.

Final Thoughts

Convenient travel is what solar backpacks try to offer. If you are interested in learning more about these unique finds, visit Power on Bags via their website.

The Power on Bags provides detailed product reviews and buying guidelines. Check them out for more details.

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